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 Super Dice Information.

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PostSubject: Super Dice Information.   Thu Sep 23, 2010 8:07 am

The addon is for download at this location: http://addons.eventscripts.com/addons/view/superdice
Please note that the superdice version of the MG server and the public one are different -[FF]- will always be one version ahead of the public version.
Heres a list of the current rolls.

// * Health ~ Health given to roller based on health plus superdice_healthmod.
// * Super Health ~ Health given to roller based on health times superdice_superhealthmod.
// * Time Cast ~ Roller's speed is set to superdice_timemod.
// * Death Wish ~ Roller's health is set to one.
// * Ancient Curse ~ Health taken away from roller based on health divided by superdice_cursemod.
// * Blood Lust ~ Health given back to attacker based on damage taken by victim.
// * Dicey ~ Sets a random amount of health based on the randomized value of superdice_diceymin and superdice_diceymax
// * Plating ~ Gain armor based on armor plus superdice_armormod
// * Heart Attack ~ The roller is slayed.
// * Berserker ~ The roller is striped of weapons and is given a knife,duelies, and C4(if the roller had it before hand) then the roller gains speed,health and clip ammo for the duelies.
// * Illusion ~ The roller gains invis.
// * Vending Machine ~ The roller becomes a vending machine model.
// * Feeble ~ The roller takes more damage.
// * Bad Eyes ~ The roller at random times gets blinded.
// * Weights ~ The roller's speed is set to superdice_weightsmod.
// * Acrobatics ~ The roller can jump higher.
// * Aero Dynamics ~ The roller can jump farther.
// * Sunglasses ~ Protection againist blindness.
// * Dead Man's Curse ~ Respawn.
// * Heavy Ammo ~ Extra damage based on randomized value of superdice_heavymax and superdice_heavymin.
// * Tunnel Vision ~ The player's vision becomes weird.
// * Crab Pill ~ The roller becomes a headcrab from HL2.
// * Evil Aura ~ The roller becomes the stalker from HL2.
// * Drug Overdose ~ The roller becomes drugged.
// * Infinite Ammo ~ The roller gets pseudo infinite ammo.
// * Beacon ~ The roller is beaconed.
// * LASERZ ~ The roller's shots have lasers.

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PostSubject: Re: Super Dice Information.   Fri Sep 24, 2010 2:42 am


+w00t Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Super Dice Information.   Mon Nov 08, 2010 1:15 pm

using the random function, you call up blocks of code which make up that event amarite?
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PostSubject: Re: Super Dice Information.   

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Super Dice Information.
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